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Hey there!


It’s Frank, owner of Seaside Wine and Liquors at your service.


I know there are hundreds of Liquor stores you can choose from and I appreciate the fact that you’re even here, taking your time to read this. My goal is to give you the best possible service and to make you happy to be our regular customer. If there are ever any issues, please give me the chance to resolve them for you.


In order to set Seaside Wine and Liquors apart, we wanted to give you a few benefits for being our customers! Well there’s two parts to it: the in-store benefits and the online benefits.


Here’s why you should choose us!

  1. (online) From the get-go we want to start you off with $10 OFF your first order. Just use the promo code “10off25” at checkout and you get $10 chopped off of your total. (you still have to reach the delivery minimum for your area (after discount) to get delivery- see delivery info page)

  2. (online) We will occasionally send out emails with promo codes that will take up to 25% of your order or other special deals, so you’re gonna want to keep an eye on your email.

  3. (online) LOYALTY program! When you spend $300 with us you will get a $10 credit that works like cash, no limitations!

  4. (online) REFERRAL bonuses! Don’t just keep us to yourself! Tell some friends and you’ll both get $5 when the person referred makes their first purchase! It’s easy, open the “Seaside Wine and Liquors” app and in the left menu (3 lines icon) go down to where it says “Get $5” and simply share your code with your friends to use when they checkout.

  5. (online & in-store) We make it easy to get case discounts. Mix 6 bottles 750ml or larger and you’ll get 10% off automatically when you hit checkout! We also have a deep discounts section where you can mix any 6 in that category and get 15% off. (items who’s prices end in “.94”) -Items that are on sale are not included (price ends in “.95”) -Specialty, rare, or ongoing sale items are not included (price ends in “.96”)

  6. (in-store) LOYALTY program! When you spend $200 in store you get $5 store credit that works like cash, no limitations!

  7. (in-store) WINE TASTINGS every Friday through Sunday! Tired of drinking the same wine? We love trying new wine and want you to join us every weekend if possible. Don’t let us have all the fun alone. Come in and chat with us over some wine.

  8. Notice the staff picks? Those wines are the one’s we’ve tasted in store and were major hits in their price and varietal category! Keep an eye on staff picks, they’ll continue growing!